Ukraine: the war.

On Thursday February 24th, 2022, Russian forces invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine. These are the scenes from the Russian/Ukrainian war in March of 2022.

Words and photographs by Gavin Doran

Experts across all serious Western news organizations came to a quick conclusion; Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, would fall in “days.” To the world’s surprise, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the country’s President and a former comedian, resolved to stay in the country and fight.

With his decision came a massive wave of volunteers from not just from Ukraine but all parts of the world, to fight the bigger, stronger invading force. Months later and Ukraine is still standing tall, winning major battles and beginning to switch from a defensive stance to a more offensive posture in an attempt to drive the Russians out with freshly acquired weaponry sent from the United States and NATO.

Yet, despite Ukraine’s surprising success, it has not come without cost. Thousands of men were killed in battle. Thousands more innocent women, children and elderly slaughtered for doing nothing more than trying to live a peaceful and productive life. In Gavin Doran’s photo essay, titled ‘Slava Ukraini’, he breaks the war down into three chapters titled; ‘Refugees’, ‘To The Front’ and ‘A Great Cost.’

In each, he explores the impact of war not just on the country in the macro but on the individuals that pay the ultimate price for the ideals they hold dear. Volunteers help refugees onto the train heading to the border with Poland and away from war. Some get through that border easily while some wait for days. Their lives and land completely upended. Most are women and children and many, if and when they return, will have lost both homes, husbands and fathers.

Ukrainian soldiers gather at the railway station in L’viv. Some smoke cigarettes and stare pensively into the distance. Others laugh with comrades. Many say their final goodbye to loved ones. But all board the train to the front lines of the war with Russia.

By now, some of the men you see here have likely been killed. The ones who haven’t are still out there fighting for those you see in these photos and the very principle of Freedom around the world. Civilians and family attend a funeral for fallen Ukrainian soldiers at the Church of the Most Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in L’viv.

Gavin Doran was born in 1992 alongside his identical twin brother, Chase.
He is a graduate from the University of Florida and has been photographing professionally for over 12 years. While he resides in Brooklyn, NY, he is well known for his projects based in the American South, India, Italy and Iceland. Gavin’s work has been featured in Forbes, GQ and Rolling Stone.

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L’FBI blocca la botnet VPNFilter. “Volevano devastare l’Ucraina”

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Ultras: Football in Ukraine.

A small man is born and immediately becomes part of a large mechanism. Graduates from school, university, marries, goes to work in the office, calculates every day. He is an economist. His work day starts at 9 and ends at 18 from Monday to Friday. There is a calendar with neatly circled dates on his table.

Today one of these days, day of the GAME. On arrival, he takes off his suit and takes out of his closet a fan scarf. At the stadium a little man becomes big. Now he is the head of the fan sector. The match begins and his voice is broadcast over the stadium: “We need victory today.” Hundreds of voices echo after him. Who are these people?

What motivates them? Did you know that they are next to us? Did you know that they are not marginalized or losers, what do the films tell us? Why watching football matches without them, it’s so boring? Let’s try to figure it out.

They are Ultras. They are young people of different professions on average up to 30 years. Their individuality at the stadium is erased. During the match they are all part of a large mechanism. The mood of the team depends on them.

Their energy give the team strength. Why do they come? Some are looking for freedom, some are rebelling against the system. Someone just loves football and does not want to sit among people who drink beer and leave as soon as the team have lost. The main thing for ultras is football. The only important thing for them at the stadium is to sing and support their favorite team regardless of how the match develops, does not sit down during the match, attends all the team matches (home and away). It is necessary to be true to your rostrum.

Team support is a whole art: banners, chants, posters, flags, pyrotechnics. The main thing for them is the traditions, the emblem, the spirit of the club. “Against modern football!” one of the important slogans in their ideology.

Modern football is simulations of players on the field, expensive tickets, players transfers to clubs opponents, naturalized players of national teams. All of this is unacceptable.

Real football – it’s something much more than just 22 millionaires running on the field for one ball 90 minutes. Football is really a Great game. Ultras breathe them. They live them.

About the author:
Vyacheslav Onishchenko was born in 1988 in Odessa, Ukraine. He is engaged in photography since 2012. In 2013 he graduated from medical university. He has been published by Foto and video magazine,Eye-photo magazine,Stolenground,с41 magazine,Fstopmagazine, Shadows and Light Magazine, Ayemag.

2015- The first international photo contest «Sushka». Shortlist. Russia Federation
2015 – GETXOPHOTO international photo contest . Shortlist. Spain
2015- Photo Musings World Photography Day Photo Contest . Honorable mention. India
2017 -Street Art Photo .Diplom of the 1st degree. Ukraine
2017- Baltic Biennale of Photography .Shortlist. Russia Federation
2018- Shoot of the year 2017. Shortlist. Ukraine

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